Nine Inch Nails - By Tuck Remington - Softcover Book

Nine Inch Nails – By Tuck Remington – Soft Cover Book



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Nine Inch Nails – By Tuck Remington – NEW Book

Omnibus Press
ISBN Number 0-8256-1510-0
By Tuck Remington 1995
48 Pages
Out Of Print

From The Back Cover – “Nine Inch Nails’ second album “The Downward Spiral” entered the Billboard charts at No. 2 in March 1994, confirming that Trent Teznor had single-handedly taken the unexpected, shocking and powerful elements of his unique musical vision to the top of the world music scene. This book examines the highs and lows of the band’s history and analyzes Reznors enigmatic and complex personality”


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