Artch – For The Sake Of Mankind – Norway heavy metal cassette tape on Metal Blade Records



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Artch – For The Sake Of Mankind – Cassette

Artch was a heavy metal band from Norway formed in 1982 and featuring singer Espen Hoss (replaced after his accidental death by Eirikur Hauksson), guitarist Cato Olsen, guitarist Geir Nilssen, bassist Bernt A. Jansen, and drummer Jorn Jamissen.

Song List
1. When Angels Cry
2. Appologia
3. Burn Down The Bridges
4. Paradox
5. To Whom It May Concern
6. Titanic
7. Confrontation
8. Turn The Tables
9. To Be Or Not To Be
10. Batteries Not Included
11. Razamanaz

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