Giant Sand - Giant Sandwich - Cassette tape on Homestead Records

Giant Sand – Giant Sandwich – Cassette tape on Homestead Records




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Giant Sand – Giant Sandwich – Cassette

Brand new, never played and still sealed in the factory plastic seal
Homestead Records

GIANT SANDWICH is a 1989 release that assembles tracks from this prolific band’s albums from the previous four years, as well as seven new numbers. Howe Gelb and his Arizona-based cohorts shared some inclinations with fellow desert dwellers the Meat Puppets. However, Gelb’s writing went further into the realms of country psychedelia and feedback-friendly garage-folk songs.

By this time, Giant Sand also had a spin-off combo, the Band of Blacky Ranchette, who are responsible for the previously unreleased songs in this collection. While much of this was self-recorded, adhering to a certain D.I.Y. aesthetic, the songs are never at odds with the fidelity. The band always manages to use the right tool for the job, rocking out with verve and abandon, and never heading into inappropriate distortion. The loose feel of these songs succeeds in underscoring the confidence of Gelb’s songs and of a band that’s sympathetically in synch.

Track Listing
1. Wishing Well
2. Tumble ‘N’ Tear
3. Reptillian
4. Hard Man To Get To Know
5. Black Venetian Blind (Book II)
6. Thin Line Man
7. Artists
8. What You Hate
9. October Anywhere
10. Black Venetian Blind (Page I)
11. Code Of The Road
12. Underground Train
13. Spinning Room Waltz
14. Accordian To Howe
15. Bad Lands
16. Up On The Hill
17. Heartland


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