Happy Flowers - I Crush Bozo - Cassette tape on Homestead Records

Happy Flowers – I Crush Bozo – Cassette tape on Homestead Records




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Happy Flowers – I Crush Bozo – Cassette

Homestead Records

Charlottesville, VA, duo Happy Flowers were not the only ones who were afraid of Bozo the Clown when they were little. The title of the band’s third full-length album speaks to that world of childhood fear, as does this entire album. An unquestionable American original, who else but Happy Flowers could come up with songs like “Old Relatives,” “My Frisbee Went Under a Lawnmower,” “I Saw My Picture on a Milk Carton,” and “They Cleaned My Cut out With a Wire Brush”? Yes, Mr. Anus and Mr. Horribly Charred Infant (aka, two nice University of Virginia students named John Beers and Charlie Kramer) scrape and pound and howl like only keen heavy metal fans with a great sense of theater could. Just when listeners think the whole thing might be an elaborate hoax perpetrated by know-nothing noise mongers comes a raggedly beautiful, 49-second version of Nick Drake’s “Know.” So, know this much: rock music has never spawned another band like Happy Flowers and there isn’t likely to be one. All of their records are nearly perfect expressions of what they do. I Crush Bozo is just as smart, funny, and sinus-clearingly loud as all their others. As some rock & roll axiom or other goes, if it’s too loud, you’re too old. In the case of Happy Flowers, that is true in the most deliciously twisted way.

Track Listing
1. I’ve Got THe Picnic Disease
2. Jellyfish Head
3. There’s A Worm In My Hand
4. Know
5. Toenail Fear
6. Mrs Butcher
7. My Frisbee Went Under A Lawnmower
8. I Saw My Picture On A Milk Carton
9. I Crush Bozo


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