Hawkwind - Live Chronicles - Cassette tape on Castle Records

Hawkwind – Live Chronicles – Cassette tape on Castle Records



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Hawkwind – Live Chronicles – Cassette

Following The Chronicle of the Black Sword, Hawkwind revamped their live show around the tales of Elric of Melnibone, Michael Moorcock’s doomed fantasy anti-hero. Moorcock provided the narrative while the band provided a wall of sound that incorporated both the new material and old standbys such as “Master of the Universe” and “Assault and Battery.” Performed with enthusiasm.

Song List
1. Song Of The Swords
2. Dragons & Fables
3. Narration
4. Sea King, The
5. Angels Of Death
6. Shade Gate
7. Rocky Paths
8. Narration
9. Pulsing Cavern, The
10. Master Of The Universe
11. Dreaming City
12. Choose Your Masques
13. Fight Sequence
14. Needle Gun
15. Zarozinia
16. Lords Of Chaos
17. Dark Lords, The
18. Wizards Of Pan Tang
19. Moonglum
20. Elric The Enchanter
21. Conjuration Of Magnu
22. Magnu
23. Dust Of Time
24. Horn Of Fate


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