Live Skull - Snuffer - Cassette tape on Caroline Records

Live Skull – Snuffer – Cassette tape on Caroline Records



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Live Skull – Snuffer – Cassette

Six songs of rough-and-ready noise, Snuffer contains everything from full-on punk-thrash to the more considered material that led to the various comparisons to Sonic Youth. It was an unfair burden in the end, though; Zedek and company weren’t so much interested in reinventing guitars or the like so much as quickly kicking out the jams and creating gripping performances, and there’s no question they could do a great job at that. Songs like “Was” and “Word” may have stop-start rhythms and dark clangor making up the feedback, not to mention Zedek’s near-breathless yowl, but the results could easily keep a mosh pit happy, if so desired. “Chair,” with its slow-burn drum rumble and steady air of rising, intensifying drama, is the best number of all, Zedek’s on-target delivery perfectly suiting the focus of the band performance, while “Step” is right on up there as well, propulsive and relentless. More than once, as the opening for “Face” shows, there’s a hint of the dank beauty that made Come such a fine listen.

Song List
1. Was
2. Face
3. Chair
4. Step
5. Word
6. Straw


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