Meat Puppets - Mirage - Cassette tape on SST Records

Meat Puppets – Mirage – Cassette tape on SST Records




Product Description

Meat Puppets – Mirage – Cassette

Song List
1. Mirage
2. Quit It
3. Confusion Fog
4. Wind And The Rain, The
5. Mighty Zero, The
6. Get On Down
7. Leaves
8. I Am A Machine
9. Beauty
10. Hundred Miles, A
11. Love Our Children Forever
12. Liquified

As many Meat Puppets fans had realized by 1987’s Mirage, the trio would change gears and broaden their sound with each successive album. This was never more apparent than on their fourth full-length release. Synthesizers were used to add textures to the tunes, while the drums sounded metronome-perfect, almost as if a drum machine was supplying the patterns. Strangely, although Mirage was the trio’s most experimental album, it also turned out to be one of their most psychedelia-based works. The groovy little ditty “Get on Down” turned out to be one of the band’s first videos aired on MTV, while the title track, the melodic “Leaves,” the country rocker “Confusion Fog,” the unrelenting “Beauty,” and the album-closing punk freak-out “Liquified” are all standouts. Several previously unreleased demos were included on the 1999 Rykodisc reissue, as well as a solo Curt Kirkwood original, “Grand Intro.”


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