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Meat Puppets - No Strings Attached - Cassette tape on SST Records

Meat Puppets – No Strings Attached – Cassette tape on SST Records




Product Description

Meat Puppets – No Strings Attached – Cassette

No Strings Attached is a 1990 compilation by the Meat Puppets. This release was compiled by SST Records when the Meat Puppets left them for London Records.

Song List
1. Big House
2. In A Car
3. Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds
4. Reward
5. Whistling Song, The
6. New Gods
7. Lost
8. Lake Of Fire
9. Split Myself In Two
10. Up On The Sun
11. Swimming Ground
12. Maiden’s Milk
13. Bucket Head
14. Out My Way
15. Confusion Fog
16. I Am A Machine
17. Quit It
18. Beauty
19. Look At The Rain
20. I Can’t Be Counted On At All
21. Automatic Mojo
22. Meltdown
23. Like Being Alive
24. Attacked By Monsters

“Big House” and “In a Car” are taken from In a Car EP. “Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds” and “Reward” are taken from Meat Puppets. “The Whistling Song”, “New Gods”, “Lost”, “Lake of Fire” and “Split Myself in Two” are taken from Meat Puppets II. “Up on the Sun”, “Swimming Ground”, “Maiden’s Milk” and “Bucket Head” are taken from Up on the Sun. “Out My Way” is taken from Out My Way. “Confusion Fog”, “I Am a Machine”, “Quit It” and “Beauty” are taken from Mirage. “Look At the Rain”, “I Can’t Be Counted On At All” and “Automatic Mojo” are taken from Huevos. “Meltdown”, “Like Being Alive” and “Attacked by Monsters” are taken from Monsters.


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