Mind Over Four – The Goddess – Cassette tape on Caroline Records





Mind Over Four – The Goddess – Cassette

The Los Angeles, CA-based alt-metal outfit Mind Over 4 originally formed in the late ’80s, consisting of members Spike Xavier (vocals), Mike Jenson (guitar), Rich Castillo (bass), and Mark Fullerton (drums). Often compared to such fellow challenging outfits as Faith No More and Prong, the quartet issued a total of five releases 1987’s Out Here, 1989’s self-titled release, 1990’s The Goddess, 1993’s Half Way Down, and 1995’s Empty Hands before splitting up.

Song List
1. Prayer For The Dying
2. Goddess, The
3. 12 Days Of Wind
4. Idle Chatter
5. Post
6. Gemini
7. Ice, Water, Steam
8. Autumn’s Here
9. Hell’s Bravest Song
10. Airplanes

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