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Morphine – Yes – Cassette

YES, Morphine’s third release, offers Sandman’s sleekest, most consistent songwriting efforts to date, and the band has never sounded so inviting.Morphine is as close as alternative rock comes to jazz. It’s swinging bass lines sound impossibly low, complete with a rain-like drum beat and smoking sax lines. What sets Morphine’s rich tones apart from swank background music is Sandman’s highly physical lyrical angle.In the dizzying “Whisper,” when Sandman soothes “Don’t worry I’m not looking at you/Gorgeous and dressed in blue,” you can see the color. When he croons, “Just whisper me your number/I’ll call you up at home,” you’ve already mouthed the words. Sandman knows where he’s aiming, and, at it’s best, Morphine recalls the jazzy excitement of rock’s lushest moments.

Song List
1. Honey White
2. Scratch
3. Radar
4. Whisper
5. Yes
6. All Your Way
7. Super Sex
8. I Had My Chance
9. Jury, The
10. Sharks
11. Free Love
12. Gone For Good

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