Naked Raygun - All Rise - Cassette tape on Homestead Records

Naked Raygun – All Rise – Cassette tape on Homestead Records




Product Description

Naked Raygun – All Rise – Cassette

Homestead Records
Original Pressing

Something happened during the two-year time span between Naked Raygun’s first album and the follow-up All Rise. Rather than having more of the offbeat, absurd song formality that gave their debut Throb Throb its edge, this album has more of a structured quality. Not to say that Naked Raygun have lost their touch; by progressing into a more (dare it be said) mature sound, they have remained one step ahead of all the Raygun clones emerging from their hometown Chicago. The results are pretty decent; with songs like “Home of the Brave,” “Knock Me Down” and “I Remember,” their Buzzcocks roots are more apparent, while “New Dreams” kicks it into overdrive with a more positive aspect, and “I Got New Dreams and I’m Going to Make Them Real” displays vocalist Jeff Pezzati. Sometimes change can be for the better.

Track Listing
1. Home Of The Brave
2. Dog At Large
3. Knock Me Down
4. Mr. Gridlock
5. The Strip
6. I Remember
7. Those Who Move
8. The Envelope
9. Backlash Jack
10. Peacemaker
11. New Dreams
12. Slim
13. Rocks Of Sweden


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