Pitch Shifter - Infotainment - Cassette tape on Earache Records

Pitch Shifter – Infotainment – Cassette tape on Earache Records




Product Description

Pitch Shifter – Infotainment – Cassette

Song List
1. Introductory Disclaimer
2. Underachiever
3. Insects, (We’re Behaving Like)
4. Virus
5. Product Placement
6. Interlude, (Harmless)
7. Bloodsweatsaliva
8. Hangar 84
9. Whiteout
10. Phoenixology

A welcome change from the band’s earlier industrial pastiche, Pitchshifter’s Infotainment integrated staccato drum’n’bass percussion and comprehensible vocals to end up with the best album of the band’s pre major-label run. Songs like “(We’re Behaving Like) Insects” and “Product Placement” were as loud as ever but instead of the usual post-punk hardcore metal sound, the walls of noise were broken down into small chunks and only detonated within the pockets of proper choruses and hip-hop rhythms. The bad-tempered jungle instrumental “Hangar 84” was the most significant, pointing the way forward to the preposterous but no less convincing peaks


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