Rory Block – Angel Of Mercy – Cassette tape on Rounder Records





Rory Block – Angel Of Mercy – Cassette

Rounder Records

Hole in spine

Block moves completely away from the blues form on this release, doing original pieces that evoke the familiar themes of alienation, anguish and romantic conflicts, but in a production climate geared more toward folk and singer/songwriter arrangements than 12-bar settings. She still plays excellent guitar solos and accompaniment, but her vocals are now powerful or mournful, questioning or declarative, and she’s unconcerned with trying to capture the quality of someone else’s compositions. The disc’s final selection, the nine-minute-plus “A Father and Two Sons,” reworks the biblical Prodigal son tale with a contemporary focus, featuring wonderful vocal interaction between Block and her son Jordan. This album showcases Rory Block’s own sound and vision and deserves widespread praise and attention.

Track Listing
1. Angel Of Mercy
2. It Ain’t Right
3. I’ll Be Gone
4. Who Was Calling
5. Somebody’s Baby
6. Big Bad Agent Man
7. You Deserve The Best
8. Love Without The Heart
9. Father And Two Sons, A

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