Samiam - Samiam/Underground - Cassette tape on New Red Archives Records

Samiam – Samiam/Underground – Cassette tape on New Red Archives Records




Product Description

Samiam – Samiam/Underground – Cassette

Brand new, never played and still sealed in the factory plastic seal
New Red Archives Records

Compared to the pop and polish of its later releases, Samiam is barely recognizable on its self-titled debut. The sound is raw and angry, highly influenced by hardcore. But Jason Beebout’s lyrics, though more cryptic than his later works, distinctly place Samiam in the realm of emocore. Instead of making broad political statements, like the early-’80s hardcore bands, Beebout turned inward, while the music stayed fast and furious — still a novel concept on the West Coast in 1989. A sample line from “The Bridge”: “My bridge is too unstable, the insecurity is letting go.” Some of these songs later appeared on the collection The New Red Years.

Track Listing
1. Television
2. Home Sweet Home
3. The Bridge
4. Sympathy
5. Ever felt avoided
6. Underground
7. Speed
8. Just Another
9. Trusty
10. Stained glass
11. My Eyes
12. Because you don’t
13. You looking at me
14. Insightful
15. Blank Expression
16. Early Morning


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