Sebadoh - Weed Forestin - Cassette tape on Homestead Records 1990

Sebadoh – Weed Forestin – Cassette tape on Homestead Records 1990




Product Description

Sebadoh – Weed Forestin – Cassette

Brand new, never played and still sealed in the factory plastic seal
Homestead Records
Original Homestead Records 1990, Not A Re-Issue or Repress
Item is marked on spine “Weed Forestin” UPC 017531015847 but has the track listing and artwork of “The Freed Weed”.

Lou Barlow often seems to record songs in miniature, refusing to repeat phrases or changes, even if they are strong, melodic, pop songs, cut off before there’s a chance for you to sing along. Whilst also intimate and confessional there is an almost religious urge to avoid boring the listener.

It features tape samples/collages which link together some of the songs. There are overlaps with some of the songs on this album and later ones because Sebadoh recorded them as a band later on.

Track Listing
Temporary Dream
New Worship
Subtle Holy Gift
My Own Religion
Ride The Darker Wave
More Simple
Jealous Of Jesus
Mr Genius Eyes
Perfect Power
Feeding Evil
Sexual Confusion
Three Times A Day
Gate To Hell
Whitey Peach
I Can’t See, Take My Hand
Pound My Skinny Head
I Believe In Fate
Waited Forever
Slightest Suggestion
It’s So Hard To Fall In Love
Brand New Love
Burning Out
Little Man
Punch In The Nose
Loose ‘n’ Screw
Jealous Evil
Moldy Bread
Bridge Was You
True Hardcore
Stop The Wheel
Made Real
Level Anything
Soul Mate
Narrow Stories
Wall Of Doubt


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