The Cure – The Peel Sessions – Cassette tape on Dutch East India Records



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The Cure – The Peel Sessions – Cassette

Brand new, never played and still sealed in the factory plastic seal
Dutch East India Trading Records

THE PEEL SESSIONS was broadcast on December 11, 1978.
An archetypal Peel Session, this December 1978 four-song set predates the Cure’s first single, “Killing an Arab,” included here in a faster, snottier version that drips punk attitude. The other three songs happen to be the other three really good songs from the Cure’s uneven first album, THREE IMAGINARY BOYS: the obsessive “10.15 Saturday Night,” the chanting, Siouxsie-like “Fire in Cairo” and that pure pop nugget “Boys Don’t Cry.”

In true Peel Session form, the performances are crisp, unpretentious, and stripped-down. This is as good as Peel Sessions get!

Track Listing
1. Killing An Arab
2. 10:15 Saturday Night
3. Fire In Cairo
4. Boys Don’t Cry

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