The Jazz Butcher - Fishcotheque - Cassette tape on Relativity Records

The Jazz Butcher – Fishcotheque – Cassette tape on Relativity Records




Product Description

The Jazz Butcher – Fishcotheque – Cassette

The Jazz Butcher was the vehicle of prolific singer/songwriter Pat Fish, an archetypal British eccentric whose sharp observational wit and melodic gifts navigated the group through over a decade of constant line-up shifts, stylistic mutations and even a series of name changes which found the band performing variously — and apparently randomly — under such titles as the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy and the Jazz Butcher & His Sikkorskis From Hell. Fish was born Patrick Huntrods in London in 1957, and raised primarily in Northampton. He first began performing while studying philosophy at Oxford in the late 1970s, fronting the short-lived Nightshift; a subsequent band dubbed the Institution later joined forces with their rivals the Sonic Tonix, establishing the nucleus of players who later formed the core of the Jazz Butcher sphere.

Song List
1. Next Move Sideways
2. Out Of Touch
3. Get It Wrong
4. Living In A Village
5. Swell
6. Looking For Lot 49
7. Best Way, The
8. Chickentown
9. Susie
10. Keeping The Curtains Closed


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