The Undertones – The Peel Sessions – Cassette tape on Strange Fruit Records





The Undertones – The Peel Sessions – Cassette

Strange Fruit Records

Given that the Undertones were indisputably one of the great pop bands of the late ’70s/early ’80s, and that they only left behind four studio albums, fans were enormously grateful for this archive release. These three sessions were recorded between January 1979 and November 1982, all with Bob Sargeant as producer. The first comprises material from their eponymous debut, the second features songs from follow-up effort Hypnotised, plus a corny but fun cover of Gary Glitter’s “Rock N’ Roll,” a live favorite that is unavailable elsewhere. The third session is from considerably later in their career, its four tracks drawn from the critically reviled (but still excellent) The Sin of Pride. Highlights include the daft spoken intro/outro to “Here Comes the Summer” — a pretty daft song anyway. Add in a storming “Tear Proof” (the band’s best song never to achieve single status) and good liner notes from Dave Cavanagh, and this is the perfect adjunct to the group’s thin discography.

Track Listing
1. Listening In
2. Family Entertainment
3. Billy’s Third
4. Here Comes The Summer
5. Girls That Don’t Talk
6. Tear Proof
7. What’s With Terry
8. Rock ‘n’ Roll
9. Untouchable
10. The Love Parade
11. Luxury
12. The Sin Of Pride

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