WASP – Live . . . Animal – Cassette on Restless Records 1987



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WASP – Live . . . Animal – Cassette

Restless Records 1987
Cut In Spine

As was the case with Prince’s notorious Black Album, the hype surrounding this controversial debut four-track EP from W.A.S.P. far outweighed the title track’s offensive content or musical merits. At least it served to make this release a collector’s item, though, which sold thousands of copies via mail order throughout the ’80s. Musically speaking — the interesting cover of Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen” aside — both “Animal (F**k Like a Beast)” and “Show No Mercy” would have fit snuggly on W.A.S.P.’s debut album, and “Hellion” actually made the cut. The infamous “Animal” is now also featured on the band’s 1993 career retrospective, First Blood…Last Cuts.

Track Listing
1. Animal (Fuck like a Beast) – Recorded Live at Long Beach March 1987
2. Hellion – Recored live at The Lyceum London September 1984
3. Mississippi Queen – Previously Unreleased Studio Recording

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