Wire - The Ideal Copy - Cassette

Wire – The Ideal Copy – Cassette



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Wire – The Ideal Copy – Cassette

Song List

1. Point Of Collapse
2. Ahead
3. Madman’s Honey
4. Feed Me – (live)
5. Ambitious
6. Cheeking Tongues
7. Still Shows
8. Over Theirs
9. Ahead (II)
10. Serious Of Snakes, A
11. Drill
12. Advantage In Height
13. Up To The Sun
14. Ambulance Chasers – (live)
15. Feed Me (II)
16. Vivid Riot Of Red – (live)

Wire: Colin Newman (vocals, guitar); Graham Lewis (vocals, bass); Bruce Gilbert (guitar); Robert Gotobed (drums).Recorded at Hansa Tonstudio, Berlin, Germany; Strongroom, London, England; The Metropol, Berlin, Germany.THE IDEAL COPY has 7 extra tracks, 4 songs from the “Snakedrill” EP and 3 live songs.Following its 1979 record 154, Wire, hitherto one of punk rock’s brightest lights, disappeared. Despite a live album in 1981 and a seven-inch single, it wasn’t until 1986’s SNAKEDRILL EP that any new studio tracks by the band surfaced. The EP signaled a new direction, as the band largely abandoned its punk pedigree and focused more on the artier side of its music, complete with all-but-impenetrable lyrics. THE IDEAL COPY was originally released in 1987, and most of its subsequent CD editions contain all of SNAKEDRILL.Among the highlights are both versions of “Ahead,” the first built on a furious bass line and brittle percussion (with a lot of cymbals), the second replacing the track’s original density with trilling keyboards and a slowed-down pace, while retaining the bass line and cymbal work. The disturbing “Feed Me” comes complete with unnaturally slow tempo, amped industrial clanging courtesy Bruce Gilbert and Colin Newman’s guitars, and Graham Lewis’ strange, affected vocals; while “Ambitious,” is a herky-jerky, jangling pop song. Also of note are the SNAKEDRILL tracks, especially “Drill”‘s pulverizing beat and the a cappella harmonizing of “Up on the Sun,” which also appears in a live version called “Vivid Riot of Red.”


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