XTC - Oranges And Lemons - Cassette tape on Geffen Records

XTC – Oranges And Lemons – Cassette tape on Geffen Records




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XTC – Oranges And Lemons – Cassette

Geffen Records

Cut in spine

XTC has always been influenced by psychedelia, but not since the DUKES OF THE STRATOSPHEAR album has it been so obviously displayed–even the record’s jacket illustration is based on the animation of YELLOW SUBMARINE. In addition to the psychedelic influences, the band also demonstrates more political awareness than previously, as shown by “Here Comes President Kill Again,” and “Across This Antheap.”

The band even scored a hit single with the chiming, gorgeous “The Mayor of Simpleton,” (ironic considering that it contains the line “Well I don’t know how to right a big hit song,”) which extols the virtues of the heart over the head. Other standouts include the herky-jerky funk of “Poor Skeleton Steps Out,” complete with whistles, xylophones, and assorted odd noises. The upbeat “Pink Thing” features a lively acoustic guitar, handclaps, and some vocal gymnastics from Andy Partridge, while the expansive “Chalkhills and Children” is an introspective, dreamlike number built on swelling synth tones and rolling drums. ORANGES & LEMONS would make an excellent starting point for future XTC fans.

Track Listing
1. Garden Of Earthly Delights
2. The Mayor Of Simpleton
3. King For A Day
4. Here Comes President Kill Again
5. The Loving
6. Poor Skeleton Steps Out
7. One Of The Millions
8. Scarecrow People
9. Merely A Man
10. Cynical Days
11. Across The Antheap
12. Hold Me My Daddy
13. Pink Thing
14. Minature Sun
15. Chalkhills And Children


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