Riptopolis - MCMXCIX

Riptopolis – MCMXCIX – Compact Disc




Product Description

Riptopolis – MCMXCIX – Compact Disc

RIPTOPOLIS would like to extend our gracious immortal hand in welcome. In our third year together in San Francisco, we have put it all together: great songs, spontaneous improvisation and exciting shows all over the Bay Area. Riptopolis, MCMXCIC features fourteen songs that will enthrall you with its politics, existential philosophy and uplifting spirit. Riptopolis is our idea of a perfect city-state, and Socrates would be proud to see that this democracy is truly run by the people.

Track Listing
1. Clown Parade
2. Represent
3. Fight
4. I’ve Got To
5. Five
6. Hominid
7. Resolution
8. If You Want
9. Still
10. I’ll Be in the End
11. Home
12. Back in the Day
13. Riptopolis
14. You Have to Believe in Something