Stone Fox - Totally Burnt - CD on Mans Ruin Records

Stone Fox – Totally Burnt – CD on Mans Ruin Records




Product Description

Stone Fox – Totally Burnt – Compact Disc

Produced by ex-4-Non Blonde leader Linda Perry, the San Francisco quintet Stone Fox bears similarities to their Bay Area predecessors who broke the proverbial bank with their hit “What’s Up?” Primarily female, drummer Brent being the only male, Stone Fox cranks out an album’s worth of riot grrrl rock.

Song List
1. Donkey & The Butterfly, The
2. Giant Opie
3. Crush Yer Head
4. Embalm Me
5. MIA
6. ?
7. Lawnmower
8. Want In One Hand…
9. Candee
10. H.E. Double Toothpick
11. Highway To Heck
12. Sweetheart
13. Twist Barbie
14. Cinderella
15. Two Bullets
16. London
17. Cruisin’
18. Eve
19. Bunny Thighs


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