The Essence - Only For You - French Import Seven Inch Record

The Essence – Only For You – French Import Seven Inch Record




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The Essence – Only For You – Seven Inch

French Import

The Dutch group the Essence are not the Cure in disguise, nor are there Cure members in their lineup; they just sound remarkably like them. The Essence’s immediately obvious similarities with the Cure usually cause confusion whenever one of their songs is played on the radio or in a club. Frontman Hans Diener (voice, guitar, synthesizer, piano) is Robert Smith’s vocal twin, and tracks like “The Cat” and “A Mirage” duplicate the Cure’s layers of dark, swirly guitars with stunning accuracy. Diener formed the Essence in 1984 with Jeroen ‘Jerry’ Geertsma (bass) and Olaf Willemsen (drums). The band released its debut LP, Purity, a year later. In 1987, the single “A Mirage” became a Top Ten hit in Spain, and the group toured Europe. While the Essence didn’t become as well-known as the Cure in America, albums such as A Monument of Trust and Ecstasy turned the band into cult favorites, especially among goth rock fans.

Track Listing
Only For You
Jump And Fall


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