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Lawndale – Beyond Barbecue – Vinyl Album

The second and final album by Lawndale doesn’t make any astonishing advances from their first — but how could you improve on one of the best surf-fusion albums ever made? The band’s trademark interlocking guitar melodies are as energetic and precise as ever, and the compositions are as brilliant and quirky as ever. Once again, there is one highly unlikely fusion of two artists’ work — the version of Duke Ellington’s “Caravan” with Pink Floyd’s “Interstellar Overdrive” — and once again it works like a charm. Lawndale sounds perfect here, and there is no clue that this would be their swan song. After the recording of “Beyond Barbecue,” the band drifted apart, and though they sporadically reunited for concerts and even wrote some new material, none of it was ever released.

Track Listing
1. Streets Of Desire
2. Gone Fishin
3. Atta Boy Luther
4. The Grotto
5. The Story Of Vanna White
6. Rendevous
7. Carousel
8. Shogun Shuffle
9. Intersteller Caravan
10. The Days Of Pup And Taco

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