Trumans Water – Godspeed The Punchline – Vinyl album on Homestead Records 1993





Trumans Water – Godspeed The Punchline – Vinyl Album

Brand new, never played but not sealed in the factory plastic seal
LSR / Homestead Records 1993
Promo Cut In Corner

On Godspeed the Punchline, San Diego’s Trumans Water added to their already incessant indie punk fan base. The hodgepodge of sounds at the beginning of the first track, “Destroy 1998,” suggest a manic flurry of music to follow, and it’s true. Many of the tracks begin with silly, innovative audio experiments. The band’s confident and brash style of noisy indie rock was certainly catching on by this point. From the hypnotic howling at the beginning of “Long End of a Firearm” to the wonderful cut-and-paste avant noise on “Ungalactic,” the band began to experiment with more than straightforward angular guitar noise. “Outpatient Lightspeed” and “Playboy Stabtone Bloodbath” manage to pack an album’s worth of punkish energy into a few minutes. The quietly distant instrumentation of “Spaceship Next Door” dances behind Glen Galloway’s spoken vocals on the disc’s final track. While some of the band’s charming sloppiness had faded, Galloway’s unyielding vocals hadn’t wavered. Homestead and LSR Records released the LP in 1993.

Track Listing
Destroy 1998
Long End of a Firearm
All Wet West of Washington
Hair Junk Fibre
Antsmashes Yer Star (Dead Airwaves)
Outpatient Lightspeed
Infinity Times Zero
Sucker Mystique
Playboy Stabtone Bloodbath Go
Slander in New Slang
No Big (Wave) Star
Theme of Blast
Fuller Piston Vinegar
Spaceship Next Door

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