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Da Blitz - Let Me Be - 12" Vinyl Single on ZYX Records

Da Blitz – Let Me Be – 12″ Vinyl Single on ZYX Records



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Da Blitz – Let Me Be – 12″ Vinyl Single

Brand new, never played, unsealed
ZYX Music Germany 1994

Real Name: Vivian Presutti, Simon Pastore

Profile: Behind the Da Blitz Project are two young artists produced by Gabeauty & Zucket (real name: Presutti & Gabutti), the same team that is behind Bliss Team. They are a couple formed by Vivian B and Simon Pastore.

Aliases: Blyzart, D.B. Reloaded, Vandana

Members: Luciano Zucchet, Massimo Gabutti, Simon Pastore, Viviana Presutti

Packaged in a generic ZYX (Solid White) sleeve


Track Listing
Let Me Be (Let Me Be Mix) (5.51)
Trance Me Be (Trance Mix) (6.19)
Let Me Be (Instruental) (5.30)


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