Slash – An Intimate Portrait – Hardcover Book




Slash – An Intimate Portrait – Hardcover Book

ISBN – 9781608871490

Cover – Hard

Author – Richard Beinstock

This comprehensive collection features more than twenty years’ worth of previously unpublished photographs of guitar legend Slash—in all, more than 100 arresting images from the lens of esteemed rock photographer Robert Knight. These images trace the significant milestones in Slash’s career and show him onstage, in the studio, and at home. Knight’s talent for capturing the true essence of his subject is on full display: Candid, dramatic, and often funny, these photos take us beyond the big hair, the big hat, and the huge guitar riffs to underscore the larger-than-life personality and genuine enthusiasm that have made Slash one of rock’s most recognizable figures for more than three decades.

The book will be promoted by Slash himself, to coincide with the release of a special edition of his 2012 album. For every fan, Slash: An Intimate Portrait is a visual tour de force and a celebration of this rock icon.