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Laibach – Let It Be – Cassette

Let It Be is the 1988 studio album by the Slovenian avant-garde music collective Laibach. Released as a reinterpretation of The Beatles’ iconic album “Let It Be,” Laibach’s version offers a unique and subversive take on the original songs.

Probably the band’s most famous release in the English-speaking world, Laibach’s Let It Be, unlike the Replacements’ album, didn’t just name itself after the Beatles’ swan song, it full-on covered every last bit of it, with the notable exception of the title track, “Maggie Mae” gets a Slovenian folk tune substituted for it.

Having spent some time beforehand drawing any number of parallels of right-wing extremism with their home country’s government and the West alike, especially when it came to the resemblance of big rock concerts to totalitarian rallies, all Laibach had to do was tackle what they felt was the Beatles’ worst album. In some respects, Let It Be wasn’t that hard of an effort, songs like “Get Back,” “I Me Mine,” and “One After 909” simply had to have the Laibach elements applied, growled vocals, martial drums, chanting choirs, overpowering orchestrations, insanely over-the-top guitar solos, to be turned into bizarre doppelgängers.

The sheer creepiness of hearing such well-known songs transformed, though, is more than enough reason to listen in, “Dig It” in particular becomes a full-on Third Reich chant, only to be trumped by the meta-metal fake-live recording blast of “I’ve Got a Feeling.” In a more subtle way, “Across the Universe” easily trumps the original, only a female choir, harpsichord, and organ turning it into a disturbed anthem of acquiescence.

Meanwhile, other efforts like “Two of Us” have a smooth, strong passion to their arrangements, the sheer appeal of the commanding delivery in its own way helps explain the appeal of stage-managed demonstrations and performance. It’s a joke endlessly folded in on itself, a killing joke and then some. Happily, it’s just as funny as it is disturbing, and points for the hilariously unsettling cover art as well.

Laibach, known for their controversial and politically charged performances, often incorporate elements of industrial, electronic, and martial music into their work. “Let It Be” is a prime example of their unconventional approach to music, as they transform the Beatles’ pop rock tunes into dark, atmospheric, and heavily stylized compositions.

The album features reimagined versions of the original tracks, infused with Laibach’s characteristic industrial and experimental sound. They bring a sense of grandeur and theatricality to the songs, utilizing heavy percussion, distorted guitars, orchestral elements, and deep, commanding vocals to create a unique sonic landscape.

Standout tracks from “Let It Be” include “Get Back,” “Across the Universe,” and the title track “Let It Be.” Laibach’s reinterpretations inject a sense of intensity and darkness into the songs, offering a stark contrast to the Beatles’ more accessible and melodic versions.

Let It Be received mixed reactions upon its release, as it challenged the conventions of popular music and pushed boundaries in terms of style and interpretation. It is often regarded as one of Laibach’s most provocative and thought-provoking albums, showcasing their ability to deconstruct and reimagine popular music within their own artistic vision.

For fans of Laibach and those interested in avant-garde and experimental music, Let It Be provides a compelling and unsettling listening experience. It represents a unique and daring interpretation of a beloved classic album, demonstrating Laibach’s ability to challenge and subvert musical norms.

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Brand new, never played and still in the factory plastic but promo cut in spine

Track Listing
1. Get Back
2. Two Of Us
3. Dig A Pony
4. I Me Mine
5. Across The Universe
6. Dig It
7. I’ve Got A Feeling
8. Long And Winding Road, The
9. One After 909
10. For You Blue - Let It Be - Cassette Let It Be is the 1988 studio album by the Slovenian avant-garde music collective Laibach. Released as a reinterpretation of The Beatles' iconic album 'Let It Be,' Laibach's version offers a unique and subversive take on the original songs. Probably the band's most famous...Your best source for punk records, indie vinyl, alternative CDs and metal cassettes since 1992


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