Blood On The Saddle – Fresh Blood – Cassette tape on SST Records





Blood On The Saddle – Fresh Blood – Cassette

One of Los Angeles’ more notable band of hillbilly thrashers, Blood on the Saddle was originally formed by vocalist and guitarist Greg Davis with bassist Ron Botelho and Hermann Senac, who alternated work on drums and vocals. Months after they began playing shows, Blood on the Saddle was augmented with yet another vocalist, Annette Zilinskas, formerly of the Bangles. (She had left the band just before the release of their first LP in 1984.) The group debuted with a respected self-titled album on New Alliance in 1984, but moved to Chameleon in 1986 for Poison Love, an album just a bit more mature than the country chaos of their first. Third album Fresh Blood, though released by SST Records, was their last.

Song List
Born With A Hole In My Pocket
Help Wanted
Always There, Never Here
Endless Highway
Burning Sun
Black River
Baptist Church Blues Part 1
Bapist Church Blues Part 2
Folsom Prison

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