Bob Evans – Adult World – Cassette tape on Skene records





Bob Evans – Adult World – Cassette

Bob Evans was in fact the solo alias of Kevin Mitchell, frontman for the Australian indie pop combo Jebediah. Born in Perth on October 1, 1976, Mitchell co-founded Jebediah in 1994, so named in honor of Jebediah Springfield, the fictional founder of The Simpsons’ native Springfield, U.S.A. The band won Australia’s annual National Campus Band Competition in late 1995, earning an appearance at the Summersault Music Festival the following year. Across the span of hit LPs including 1996’s Twitch and 1999’s Of Someday Shambles, Jebediah emerged as one of the nation’s most popular young bands, and in 2004 Mitchell issued the first Bob Evans album, Suburban Kid, showcasing a more intimate, roots-flavored dimension of his songwriting. He resurrected the project for 2006’s Suburban Songbook, issued via major label Capitol and recorded in Nashville with producer Brad Jones.

Song List
I Can’t
What We Did
Think & Pay
Dead Broke
Born In This Land
Don’t Believe

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