Buzzcocks – Trade Test Transmissions – UK import cassette tape on Castle Records





Buzzcocks – Trade Test Transmissions – Cassette

Castle Communications

Brand new, never played and still in the factory plastic

Formed in Manchester, England, in 1975, the Buzzcocks were one of the most influential bands to emerge in the initial wave of punk rock. With their crisp melodies, driving guitars, and guitarist Pete Shelley’s biting lyrics, the Buzzcocks were one of the best, most influential punk bands. The Buzzcocks were inspired by the Sex Pistols’ energy, yet they didn’t copy the Pistols’ angry political stance. Instead, they brought that intense, brilliant energy to the three-minute pop song. Shelley’s alternately funny and anguished lyrics about adolescence and love were some of the best and smartest of his era; similarly, the Buzzcocks’ melodies and hooks were concise and memorable. Over the years, their powerful punk-pop has proven enormously influential, with echoes of their music being apparent in everyone from Hüsker Dü to Nirvana.

Song List
1. Do It
2. Innocent
3. T T T
4. Isolation
5. Smile
6. Last To Know
7. When Love Turns Around
8. Never Gonna Give It Up
9. Energy
10. Palm Of Your Hand
11. Alive Tonight
12. Who’ll Help Me To Forget?
13. Unthinkable
14. Crystal Night
15. 369
16. All Over You
17. Inside

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