Cabaret Voltaire – Johnny Yesno – Cassette tape on Mute Records





Cabaret Voltaire – Johnny Yesno – Cassette

The soundtrack to a confusing, mostly dialogue-free film by writer/director Peter Care-later a respected video maker, with R.E.M.’s “Man On The Moon” among his credits-Cabaret Voltaire’s JOHNNY YESNO actually received much wider recognition than the film ever did. Reissued on CD in 1991 as part of Mute Records’ complete restoration of the band’s early catalogue, the previously little-heard soundtrack quickly became very popular among fans of such early-’90s ambient house artists as The Orb and The KLF.

JOHNNY YESNO was recorded in 1981 and is the last Cabaret Voltaire release to feature the original trio lineup. Chris Watson left shortly thereafter, with Stephen Mallinder and Richard H. Kirk continuing as a duo. The album is nearly all-instrumental, containing both very long and very short tracks, all of them relatively quiet and a bit formless. It’s perfect chill-out fodder for both ambient house aficionados and those who find Cabaret Voltaire’s other albums too abrasive.

Song List
Taxi Music
Hallucination Sequence
D. T.’s/Cold Turkey
Quarry, The (In The Wilderness)
Title Sequence
Taxi Music Dub


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