Click Click / Borghesia – Double Bill – Cassette tape on Wax Trax Records





Click Click / Borghesia – Double Bill – Cassette

Click Click is a British electro-industrial music band.

Click Click formed in 1982 by Adrian Smith, and Derek E. Smith, after the end of their previous rock project “Those Nervous Surgeons” (which formed in 1976 with bassist Tim Wilson). When Wilson bought their first synthesizer, (an EDP Wasp), the direction of the group changed so dramatically, they renamed themselves.

In 1982, the group acquired guitarist Richard Camp from another band and thus the first experimental synth-rock incarnation of Click Click was born. They cut their first single later that year, but Camp departed over creative issues and formed a blues band.

Influenced by artists such as Brian Eno, Cabaret Voltaire, The Residents and Frank Zappa, and of course Blade Runner, Clive Barker and “mind-expanding” substances, Click Click continued on with other revolving members down a more electronic path until their eventual break up around 1990. Other members included guitarist Jon Morris, who was replaced by Graham Stronach in 1987, and Pete Hosier who remained with the group until the end.

Song List
I Rage I Melt
1. I Rage I Melt
2. Red
3. Sudden
Naked Uniform Dead
1. N.U.D (Hot Trash Mix)
2. N.U.D. (Poppers Mix)
3. So Young
4. Dreamless

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