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Dharma Bums – Welcome – Cassette on Frontier Records




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Dharma Bums – Welcome – Cassette

Frontier Records 1992

Brand new, never played and still sealed in the factory plastic but small promo cut in spine

Song List
1. Light In You, The
2. First Time/Last Time
3. Good Advice
4. Incestuous
5. Porch Song
6. Push Me Pull Me, A
7. Favor
8. Wreck Around Town
9. Bright Orange Spot
10. Words
11. Aces

The Dharma Bums were a U.S. garage band in the best traditions of the MC5 and early 80s college-rock bands such as Rain Parade and R.E.M. The band’s members were Jim, John, Jeremy, The author, and Eric They named themselves after the Jack Kerouac book The Dharma Bums.

They formed in 1987 in Portland, Oregon, by members of two local bands, the The Watchmen and Perfect Circle (no connection with the later bands The Watchmen or A Perfect Circle). The first album, Haywire, was produced by Scott McCaughey (lead singer of the Young Fresh Fellows) and recorded for the PopLlama label in 1989. McCaughey later played their debut to Frontier Records boss Lisa Fancher, who was impressed enough to re-release the album. One of the tracks, “Boots Of Leather”, proved to be an enduring college radio hit.

In 1990 the more polished album Bliss was released on Frontier Records. Featuring greatly improved songwriting, it covered subjects from rape and adolescence to suicide, in a mature fashion built on ragged rock textures. The Dharma Bums recorded their third and final album Welcome for the Tim/Kerr label in 1991, and disbanded in 1992. Wilson went on to form the alt-rock band Pilot.


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