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Heatmiser – Cop And Speeder – Cassette

The Portland, OR, band Heatmiser was best known for launching the career of singer/songwriter Elliott Smith, but other members of the group went on to have successful music careers long after Heatmiser’s demise. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Neil Gust went on to form the pop/rock band No. 2, while bassist Sam Coomes formed the popular indie pop duo Quasi with his then-wife, Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss. Drummer Tony Lash, who produced some of Heatmiser’s material, went on to do production work with a variety of artists, including the Dandy Warhols, Death Cab for Cutie, and the Minders. Heatmiser was well-known in the northwest rock scene of the early ’90s, but despite Smith’s burgeoning solo career, the band never achieved more than a cult following. Smith shared songwriting duties with fellow guitarist/vocalist Neil Gust, whom he met while both were attending Hampshire College, and their contrasts in styles made Heatmiser’s records compelling but incohesive. Gust’s songs were typically darker and harsher than Smith’s melodic folk-rock contributions. The fact that Heatmiser toiled in relative obscurity during their active years and has remained unknown to the masses despite Smith’s popularity is puzzling to say the least.

Song List
1. Disappearing Ink
2. Bastard John
3. Flame!
4. Temper
5. Why Did I Decide To Stay?
6. Collect To NYC
7. Hitting On The Waiter
8. Busted Lip
9. Antonio Carlos Jobim
10. It’s Not A Prop
11. Something To Lose
12. Sleeping Pill
13. Trap Door
14. Nightcap

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