Lida Husik – Bozo – Cassette tape on Shimmy Disc Records





Lida Husik – Bozo – Cassette

Song List
1. Bozo
2. Billboard
3. California Oregon
4. Diamond Days
5. Hitchiker
6. Hateful Happy Girls
7. Halloween
8. Mom
9. Farmhouse
10. Snow
11. Up
12. To Virginia

BOZO is the debut album by Washington, D.C. native Lida Husik. Her psychedelic-tinged folk-rock is similar to both the minimalist strum bands of the early ’90s and ’60s acts like Love and Skip Spence. Her vocals have an ethereal presence that she accompanies with her piano and guitar playing. There’s a high peak buried in the middle of the album: “Hateful Hippy Girls,” which sounds alluring, mesmerizing, and gently dangerous. It sounds like a picture of Nico as seen through layers of gauze. Over the next couple of years her output was prolific. Though all of Husik’s work deserves attention, this first offering is especially potent, announcing an artist to be reckoned with.

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