Live Skull – Dusted – Cassette tape on Caroline Records





Live Skull – Dusted – Cassette

Of the three official albums this New York art rock group produced, Dusted is the less straightforward and most compelling document. Blending the bleak desperation of Joy Division and the seductive complexity of ’80s Sonic Youth, their better works were anchored by an exuberant young vocalist,Thalia Zedek, whose later work with Come could righteously claim her the trophy of best American blues singer of the ’90s. After the achievements of their peers Sonic Youth and the Swans, Live Skull’s name remained more often a footnote in the biographies of the better-known avant-rock groups. Fans of the ’80s New York post-punk shouldn’t miss out on this highly accomplished album, considered by many to be their best.

Song List
1. Machete
2. Cavity
3. Dusted Part 2
4. Kream
5. X With The Light
6. Slugfest
7. Debbie’s Headache
8. Back In The Earth
9. 5-D
10. Fat Of The Land
11. Dusted Drummer
12. Alive Again
13. Pusherman

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