Pete Townshend – Who Came First – Cassette tape on Ryko Records





Pete Townshend – Who Came First – Cassette

Ryko Disc Records

Brand new, never played and still in factory plastic but promo cut in spine

Song List
1. Pure And Easy
2. Evolution
3. Forever’s No Time At All
4. Let’s See Action
5. Time Is Passing
6. There’s A Heartache Following Me
7. Sheraton Gibson
8. Content
9. Parvardigar
10. His Hands – (bonus track)
11. Seeker, The – (bonus track)
12. Day Of Silence – (bonus track)
13. Sleeping Dog
14. Love Man, The – (bonus track)
15. Lantern Cabin – (bonus track)

One of the more introspective and spiritual albums of Who leader Pete Townshend’s solo career came at a time when the Who’s rock & roll was shaking the earth. WHO CAME FIRST is centered on Townshend’s quest for spiritual enlightenment, in this case through the teachings of the famed guru Meher Baba. Those accustomed to the Who’s ear-shattering loudness and guitar-smashing violence will no doubt be just as disarmed at the relative peace found in the acoustic-based musings.Also included, to the delight of Who disciples, are pieces from Townshend’s aborted LIFEHOUSE project, which was originally intended for the Who. Surely, “Pure and Easy” is as winning and sublime a song as anything Townshend ever recorded. The Rykodisc reissue staples on a number of unreleased tracks that hold up quite well along with the rest of the album.

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