Piss Factory – ST – Cassette tape on Relativity Records





Piss Factory – ST – Cassette

Taking their name from Patti Smith’s debut single, New York’s Piss Factory offered a no-frills brand of grungy, female-fronted alt-rock. Singer/bassist Lizzie Avondet’s vocals were a blend of riot grrrl snarl and cool bravado, so while the group was likened Hole and L7, names like Siouxsie Sioux and Johnette Napolitano also surfaced in comparison to Avondet. The remainder of the lineup featured Finnish-born guitarist Harri Kupiainen, guitarist Paul Eng, and drummer Andy Markham. Their self-titled debut was released on Relativity Records in 1993, and was followed by the EP I Melt early the next year. Piss Factory subsequently disbanded, and Avondet and Kupiainen both joined Emma Peel, which issued their only album, Play Emma for Me, in 1995. Avondet moved on to work with her husband, former Leaving Trains guitarist Bobby Belltower.

Song List
1. Salt
2. Cleavage
3. Minus
4. Waiting
5. Sour Milk
6. Bread
7. Autostrada
8. Role Model
9. Ratmobile
10. Agnes
11. Bad Day
12. Simple

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