Richard Thompson ‎- Strict Tempo! – 1992 Hannibal Cassette





Richard Thompson ‎- Strict Tempo! – Cassette Tape

Traditional & Modern Tunes For All Occasions!!

Hannibal Records 1992

Brand new, never played and in factory plastic but promo cut in spine

Track Listing
New Fangled Flogging Reel / Kerry Reel
Vaillance Polka Militaire / Belfast Polka
Scott Skinner Medley: Glencoe / Scott Skinner’s Rockin’ Step / Bonny Banchory
Banish Misfortune
Dundee Hornpipe / Poppy Leaf Hornpipe
Do It For My Sake
Rockin’ In Rhythm
The Random Jig / The Grinder
Will Ye No Cam Back Again / Cam O’er The Stream Charlie / Ye Banks & Braes
Rufty Tufty / Nonsuch A La Mode De France
Andalus / Radio Marrakesh
The Knife-Edge