Robyn Hitchcock – Eye – Cassette tape on Twin Tone Records





Robyn Hitchcock – Eye – Cassette

Principally recorded at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, California in 1988 and 1989. Originally released on Twin/Tone (89175).EYE is a solo album that Robyn Hitchcock recorded and released during the years he and his band The Egyptians had a string of albums for A&M Records. It harks back to his early solo efforts, such as I OFTEN DREAM OF TRAINS, and is imbued with a personal sense of place and history. The songs range from pastoral reveries to novelty-mystical hybrids. The simple instrumentation (primarily acoustic guitar and piano, overdubbed in varying combinations and quantities) is nearly orchestral in its thoughtful arrangements.A palpable loneliness runs through Hitchcock’s themes of remembering, forgetting, imagining, wanting, losing, and dreaming. This album serves to further delineate the artist’s skills as a guitarist. The range between his complex Soft Boys electric dueting with Kimbery Rew, to these flat- and finger-picked acoustic guitar workouts is quite impressive indeed. One listen to the instrumental “Chinese Water Python” will swiftly turn the head of anyone who’s only heard Hitchcock plugged in.

Song List
1. Cynthia Mask
2. Certainly Clickot
3. Queen Elvis
4. Flesh Cartoons
5. Chinese Water Python
6. Executioner
7. Linctus House
8. Sweet Ghost Of Light
9. College Of Ice
10. Transparent Lover
11. Beautiful Girl
12. Raining Twilight Coast
13. Clean Steve
14. Agony Of Pleasure
15. Glass Hotel
16. Satellite
17. Aquarium

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