Scorn – Ellipsis – Cassette with remixes from meat beat Manifesto Coil Scanner on Earache Records





Scorn – Ellipsis – Cassette

ELLIPSIS is an album of remixes.ELLIPSIS is Scorn’s music reinterpreted by some of the brighter shining lights on electronica’s vast axis. But, mind you, the participants chosen are particularly reflective of Scorn’s caustic worldview. Coil, Scanner, Autechre, Bill Laswell, and a gaggle of like-minded souls each take a crack at disseminating Harris and Bullen’s cold little universes. The whole affair is not only successful but adds a whole extra dimension to the duo’s scope.Coil’s mix of “Dreamspace” immerses the original track’s spooky groove in a psychedelic bath full of corrosive, “Hellraiser”-esque strings and Lovecraftian oil of gothic. Autechre’s version of “Fallling” whips the dub beats into a hyper-toxic frenzy where pinging synths erupt out of disintegrating percussive galaxies. ELLIPSIS is awesome, confrontational music, in both size and execution.

Song List
1. Silver Rain Fell – (Meat Beat Manifesto mix)
2. Exodus – (Scorn mix)
3. Dreamspace – (Coil “Shadow Vs Executioner” mix)
4. Night Ash Black – (B. Laswell Slow Black Underground River mix)
5. Night Tide – (Scanner Flaneur Electronique mix)
6. Falling – (Autechre FR 13 mix)
7. End, The – (P.C.M. Nightmare mix)
8. Automata – (Germ mix)
9. Light Trap – (Scorn mix)

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