Tad – Live Alien Broadcasts – Cassette tape on Futurist Records





Tad – Live Alien Broadcasts – Cassette

Tad were one of the heaviest Seattle grunge bands, fashioning a loud, slow, lumbering grind that — unlike many of their peers — was inspired far more by ’70s metal than punk. Less melodic and accessible than grunge’s biggest names, Tad’s music simply steamrolled over everything in its way, which likely contributed to their being the last homegrown band on Sub Pop’s grunge-era roster to snag a major-label deal. Although the whole band dressed like Northwestern lumberjacks, their redneck image chiefly came courtesy of 300-pound frontman Tad Doyle; their publicity usually emphasized Doyle’s previous job as a butcher, and his lyrics often sent up local white-trash culture. Tad’s sound changed little even as grunge’s heyday passed, and after several years without a record deal, they disbanded.

Song List
1. Throat Locust
2. Just Bought The Farm
3. Paregoric
4. Delinquent
5. Rotor
6. Pale Corkscrew
7. Stumblin’ Man
8. Demon Seed
9. Sunday Drive
10. Jack

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