The Beat Farmers – Viking Lullabys – Cassette tape on Sector 2 Records





The Beat Farmers – Viking Lullabys – Cassette

The Beat Farmers enjoyed a cult following throughout the 1980s and early ’90s until the untimely passing of lead singer/drummer/guitarist Country Dick Montana in November 1995. He was just 40, and he collapsed of a massive heart attack at the Long Horn, a bar in Whistler, British Columbia, in western Canada.

Song List
1. Southern Cross
2. Complicated Life
3. Baby’s Liquor’d Up
4. Garden
5. Woo-Woo Song, The
6. Atomic Age Mutants
7. Gettin’ Drunk
8. Are You Drinking With Me Jesus?
9. Midnight World
10. Why Should I Cry?
11. You’re A Pretty Woman
12. Are You Gonna Love Me
13. Lakeside Trailer Park

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