The Kinks – Phobia – Cassette tape on Columba Records





The Kinks – Phobia – Cassette

Ray Davies continues to turn out three or four brilliant songs on albums that barely anyone will ever hear. For Kinks fans, that’s enough to justify the purchase of any of their recent albums, and the harder-edged Phobia is no exception to that rule.

Song List
1. Opening
2. Wall Of Fire
3. Drift Away
4. Still Searching
5. Phobia
6. Only A Dream
7. Don’t
8. Babies
9. Over The Edge
10. Surviving
11. It’s Alright (Don’t Think About It)
12. Informer, The
13. Hatred (A Duet)
14. Somebody Stole My Car
15. Close To The Wire
16. Scattered

Released in 1993, PHOBIA was a welcome return to the STATE OF CONFUSION/GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT-era Kinks sound. Forsaking the heavy metal trappings of their late eighties albums for MCA Records, Ray and Dave Davies focused on creating a strong batch of melodic, lyrically relevant songs. Though many Kinks fans still feel that this sixteen-song album should have been edited down to a concise, hard-hitting ten-song set, there’s no denying that PHOBIA was the best Kinks album since 1983’s STATE OF CONFUSION.The track that attracted the most attention was “Hatred (A Duet),” a rocking, seething duet between Ray and Dave Davies that seemed to draw its power from the celebrated real-life tension between the Davies brothers. Elsewhere, Ray Davies seems to have recaptured his gift for crafting perfect pop songs like “Don’t” and “Scattered”–two excellent tracks that blend fragile melodies with poignant, thoughtful lyrics harking back to the classic Kinks songs of the ’60s.

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