Volebeats – Up North – Cassette tape on Safe House Records





Volebeats – Up North – Cassette

The Volebeats’ Up North is a folky, country record that’s inviting and likable in its simple and uncomplicated presentation. Songs of longing, such as “Back in Your Heart,” are driven with the locomotive shuffle of brushes on a snare, and garnished with the lonesome cry of a lap steel or Matthew Smith’s single tremolo lead guitar lines. But what really elevates this record is songwriting that is ripe with memorable melodic content and an acute sense of lyrical phrasing. Just as important is the way in which the two principle writers and singers Jeff Oakes and Smith work off of each other vocally. Whether in unison or tight harmony, together or in counterpart fashion, their voices, backed by the low-key instrumentation, create a mood that captivates and brings these deceptively simple songs to life.

Song List
1. Up North
2. Miriam
3. When You Are There
4. Rode Into Town
5. I’m The One For You
6. Ten Cars Back
7. Back In Your Heart
8. First Time Next Time, The
9. Rubber Soul
10. Please Come See Me
11. Something Broken
12. More And More
13. Hope You Know

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