Wire – The Drill – Cassette tape on Mute Records





Wire – The Drill – Cassette

Wire released SNAKEDRILL, an EP that contained a track called “Drill.” The album THE DRILL takes “Drill” the song as its starting point, and mutates that song through a series of alterations, including a 12-minute long, high-speed version recorded in Chicago, that’s fast enough to function as the aural equivalent of a strobe light set on “epilepsy.” Other highlights include the tricked out, hip-hop groove of “What’s Your Desire?” the jittering beat and distorted vocals of “Jumping Mint?” and the almost pastoral (though still rather uptempo, to put it mildly) “Did You Dugga?” THE DRILL is an odd album from an odd band. Not a pop record in the conventional sense, it will suit those with a hankering for the experimental. It’s also worth noting that the album DUGGA DUGGA DUGGA is a tribute to “Drill,” the same Wire song that started this whole affair, featuring a number of further mutations and reworkings by a variety of other (mostly) electronic artists.

Song List
1. O In Every City?
2. What’s Your Desire?
3. Arriving / Staying / Going?
4. Drill, (A Berlin)
5. Do You Drive? (Turn Your Coat)
6. Jumping Mint?
7. Did You Dugga?
8. Where Are You Now?
9. Drill, (A Chicago) – (live)

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