Wreck – House Of Boris – Cassette tape on Wax Trax Records





Wreck – House Of Boris – Cassette

Brand new, never played and in the factory plastic

Formed in Milwaukee, WI, in 1988, Wreck was supported in their production of challenging and sometimes harsh industrial rock by several very influential alternative labels. Both their first self-titled EP, released in 1989, and their full-length debut, Soul Train (1990), were issued by Play It Again Sam Records; Wax Trax! helped them establish a solid Midwestern fan base with the issue of their 1991 album House of Boris. C/Z Records picked up where Wax Trax! left off when they rescued Wreck’s album, El Mundo de los Niños, from the Wax Trax! trash heap. That album, which Wax Trax! had released only in a cassette advance (with the title Your Monkey’s on Fire) before shelving the project, was re-recorded under the production guidance of the Mekons’ Jon Langford and issued in the spring of 1994.

Song List
1. In Robbins Cream
2. Atomic Dog
3. Newish
4. Big Slow And Tiny
5. John
6. Bottoms Up

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