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Chris Connelly – Stowaway – Compact Disc

While his contributions to Ministry, the Revolting Cocks, and Pigface have earned him a reputation as a ferocious industrial rocker, singer/songwriter Chris Connelly’s solo career has explored softer music that’s more in line with Nick Cave, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, and the later work of Scott Walker. Born and raised in Edinbourough, Scotland, Connelly listened to the glam sounds of David Bowie, Roxy Music, and T. Rex up to the point punk exploded on the scene. When he was only 14 he joined Rigor Mortis, a punky outfit that would morph into the experimental industrial band Fini Tribe. As Fini Tribe evolved, their use of spoken word samples and raw-sounding synthesizers brought them in line with the output of the Chicago-based Wax Trax! records, original home to Front 242, Meat Beat Manifesto, and Ministry. Hoping they would be interested in releasing a single, Connelly brought Fini Tribe’s music to Wax Trax!’s London office. It was there he ran into Al Jourgensen, Paul Barker, and Bill Rieflin — all Ministry members or friends who were now working on the over-the-top side project the Revolting Cocks. By the end of the day he’d recorded a demo with the three, and it wasn’t long before he was leaving Fini Tribe to join the Revolting Cocks and make contributions to Ministry along with other Wax Trax! projects like the Cabaret Voltaire/Jourgensen project Acid Horse.

Song List
Daredevil (Third Eye Mix)
Stowaway (Downward Spiral Remix)
Stowaway (Waking Dream Mix)

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